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February 12, 2011

REVOLT! by Some Product

At Some Product we have always looked at t-shirt graphics as a reflection of society and of the human psyche in general.

About a year ago we started working on a series of graphics and ideas called REVOLT. They are quite stark in nature and design, mostly black designs, printed on gray bodies. Each shirt is individually marked with a large, airbrushed, red X. It has an immediate, almost primal quality to it, reminding one of a door or a window marking, often seen during civll unrest. The wearer becomes the mark.

Whether it’s the IRA, Tiananmen Square or Zapatistas,¬†uprisings and rebellions have always been an integral part of ¬†human history and development.

REVOLT tees are available for wholesale now. Please contact us for information.

Special Limited Edition one-off REVOLT tees are available thru the Some Product online store.

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