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May 5, 2014

X marks the Spot…


I first heard X as a teen and almost immediately I knew they were a special band. There was just so much more depth and honesty in their sound compared to most other bands I was listening to. They perfectly defined their own time and place yet remain completely timeless. X stand right along side any of the other American music greats like Patti Smith, Dylan, The Doors, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, Iggy, The Ramones… as something utterly pure and authentic.

I recently re-watched the excellent documentary film – The Unheard Music documenting the early days of X. It’s really worth checking out.   (watch here)

Here’s another little treat. X is in top form on Letterman circa 1983… Letterman whom I normally love comes off fairly stiff while X just kill the classic “Breathless” …and Billy Zoom is one Kool Kat.  (watch here)


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