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February 11, 2013

The Gypsy Code

A new collection of men’s and women’s tops – The Gypsy Code features extensive use of magic and esoteric symbols and markings lovingly applied to a range of custom produced and designed tops. Made in Canada.

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June 5, 2011

A Magical Deconstruction

Some Product has unearthed very rare and unseen photos of the famed Catalan magician El Ballistico. His very short and lively career came to a sudden end in the year 2000, as it was his wish never to perform magic in the 21st century. He has not been heard from since, although rumors continue to circulate as to his whereabouts.

El Ballistico practiced what is now known as deconstructive magic. While having a great respect and admiration for the art and in particular past masters of magic, Ballistico often times deconstructed his own tricks and illusions right on stage in front of an audience. At the time many people thought that he wasn’t very well rehearsed or just plain no good, however we have since realized that what he was really doing was distilling the true essence of magic and sharing it with his audience, right on stage. It is by no coincidence that deconstructive cuisine started to develop and gain worldwide notoriety in the Catalan region of Spain, almost at the same time as Ballistico’s last performance.

We are very happy to make available the limited edition El Ballistico tees through our good friends at El Kartel as well as on our online shop.

All photos by Ricky The Tongue.

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