January 10, 2011

Some Product Custom Denim

Denim jackets are pretty much timeless. They are an integral item in any wardrobe worth keeping, and a really good one, will remain a cherished item for life. They are worn by every one and any one. Bikers & Rockers. Punks & Skins. Hippies & Mods. Skaters & Metalheads. The Young & The Old. Everyone….

Several years ago I started collecting vintage denim jackets and old patches and slowly started to work onĀ  Some Product Custom. The only rule was, that each one should be a completely unique item, and reflect or rather pay tribute to, a certain personal style or scene.

These jackets are available in very limited quantities for wholesale or directly from Some Product (visit our studio or online store).

Starting in March 2011, they will be available at Patricia Fields Boutique on the Bowery in NYC and in Vancouver at El Kartel.

All jackets are printed by Mycommunitee.com.

The first jacket pictured is my old junior high school daily uniform (nfs).

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