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January 28, 2012

On location in Bangkok

I had my location for the Some Product look book shoot picked out at least two years ago. It’s an outdoor hair salon of sorts, where various ladies get made up and have their hair done, before venturing out into the night. I was drawn to this location, its wild energy, its constant flashing neon lights, its intense colors, its heat…it’s pretty overwhelming really. I have been coming there ever since, to shoot it, meet the people who work and hang out there and also to gain their trust and hopefully permission.

Finally a few weeks ago, green light!

So, what happens when your booked model cancels the night before the shoot? Well, in this particular instance, you go with your gut. I had my location, I had an assistant and I had only a night to get this done.

I met my assistant  Mook in a hotel restaurant a few hours before the shoot and explained the situation. Various friends were called, texts sent, all to no avail. Secretly, I didn’t really care, I knew in my gut I wanted to use someone that we would find, there, on location. In a way I was glad the model cancelled and no one was available. It was a case of needing to adapt to the environment and the situation at hand.  I told Mook, ” We are going on an adventure…”,  and she was game!

Shots below are of us at work, Mook and the incredible and very “Grace Jones” looking Nan. The complete Some Product f-w 12 look book shots will be published here in the coming days.

Photos: Some Product, Assistant & Stylist: Mook, Model: Nan

Secret Dream Location 2012

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June 1, 2011

Jean-Michel Basquiat

I personally really hate the word “fierce” to describe any thing or action. However Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work can easily be described as fierce. It’s also incredibly stylish, full of raw power, energy and life.

Pictured below is a custom dyed Basquiat t-shirt from Some Product and a JMB painting entitled – “Fuego Flores”.

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May 17, 2011

Some Product @ KILLA

Some Product just dropped some limited airbrushed Revolt tees at KILLA in Vancouver’s Gastown. They also carry C.P. Company there, so you you know it’s the best place in town to get properly clobbered up.

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January 10, 2011

Some Product Custom Denim

Denim jackets are pretty much timeless. They are an integral item in any wardrobe worth keeping, and a really good one, will remain a cherished item for life. They are worn by every one and any one. Bikers & Rockers. Punks & Skins. Hippies & Mods. Skaters & Metalheads. The Young & The Old. Everyone….

Several years ago I started collecting vintage denim jackets and old patches and slowly started to work on  Some Product Custom. The only rule was, that each one should be a completely unique item, and reflect or rather pay tribute to, a certain personal style or scene.

These jackets are available in very limited quantities for wholesale or directly from Some Product (visit our studio or online store).

Starting in March 2011, they will be available at Patricia Fields Boutique on the Bowery in NYC and in Vancouver at El Kartel.

All jackets are printed by Mycommunitee.com.

The first jacket pictured is my old junior high school daily uniform (nfs).

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