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December 31, 2014

Some Product x City Trash

This is the last project and post of 2014, but many years in the making: City Trash.

I originally had an idea of collecting trash from the major cultural (art, fashion, music etc.) capitals of the world and somehow compiling it into something tangible and new. The idea for the trash was to be “city specific”, meaning that a particular piece of trash, whatever it maybe, originated in that city. After choosing some of the cities, I decided to send emails to various friends or acquaintances living in these cities and asked them to start collecting. Amazingly, almost everyone I asked actually sent me gift packets of garbage. Some were great, some were very average. Over time I visited most of these cities and did a bit of collecting myself. Then the stuff sat around in boxes in bags. I had no idea what to do with it or maybe just too lazy to start.

Eventually, I had an opportunity to participate in a group show, where different designers created pieces of wallpaper curated by Jonathan and Anita from Rollout. I did the first collage piece using some of the trash sent to me from Paris. (Image below). At that time, I also decided to slightly break away from just sticking to only collected trash and add a few bits and pieces of  more identifiable imagery from a particular city. I called the process “cheating”. However, I felt this imagery that was, by no means not all encompassing, helped to somehow ground the collages of actual trash. I chose these “cheat” items randomly from things I had around my house or studio. In one-way or another they all represented or reminded me of the city where they came from. These images are not meant to be “the last word” on the iconography or culture of a city, but rather and glimpse or the feel of a city in a particular time, thru a specific set of eyes and sensibilities.

Some Product produced a limited edition of the City Trash leggings and they will be released early in 2015. We have other interesting plans for these graphics as well as many new projects planned for the upcoming year. As always, Some Product – the brand, is a work in progress, and that’s how we like it.

These huge collages took a long time to collect, photograph, scan, mask out, clip and compile. A debt of gratitude to all who were involved and helped in this project in no particular order: Sabine, Chisa, Megan, Tyler, Natalia, Rene, Amy, Ann, Loraine, Yeni and Javi

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Happy New Years!


City Trash - London



City Trash - New York

City Trash - Tokyo

City Trash - Los Angeles

Ann in City Trash - Tokyo leggings

Parker in City Trash - Paris Leggings

First attempt at Paris Trash wallpaper at Rollout.ca group show.


Get the full collection here.

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November 20, 2014

CircusFest Vancouver

We recently had an amazing opportunity to be a small part of the wardrobe for these incredibly talented performers during CircusFest Vancouver. Absolutely in awe of their skills and dedication to a craft. the pictures speak for themselves.

Tanya and Sidone in Some Product x Martina+Reem thigh high socks.

Vancouver CircusFest - Some Product moorish gold socksVancouver CircusFest - Some Product trees socksVancouver CircusFest - Some Product moorish gold socksVancouver CircusFest - Some Product moorish gold and trees socks

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August 31, 2014

Favourite Cover Song

As a kid I really loved when bands did cover songs, especially when I started going to punk shows. I always wanted to hear some punk band take a classic and totally turn it on it’s head, and create something new. To me that was the most “punk” thing. I always somehow felt deep down, that anything new was in one way or another built on the efforts and shoulders of its predecessors. A good cover was both a mocking and a tribute. Something destroyed and then rebuilt. Recently, I started to think what my favourite covers are and narrowed it down to three of the best.

Devo’s take on the Stones classic “Satisfaction”

Sid Vicious’ beautiful destruction of “My Way”

but my very favourite has got to be The Dickies absolutely stunning and defiant take on The Moody Blues “Nights in White Satin”.

It is pure pop perfection. The Dickies covered a lot of other songs and always managed to be one of the most original and coolest bands to ever come out of Los Angeles.

Watch the video here.

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March 5, 2014

Yoga x Some Product

Had a blast shooting Marie-Eve from Moksha Yoga in Vancouver. She is wearing our Hot Springs leggings right after teaching a class in them on a Monday afternoon. Shot on location at the Moksha Yoga studio in East Vancouver.

ohmmmstretchIMG_6313leg onlymarie eve

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