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August 27, 2015

Jamie Reid – Culture Shifter


Sure, some people would argue Andy Warhol was the single most important artist of the 20th century, and at times I could be one of those people. But, if I really think about it, for me it’s all about Jamie Reid. He is my Andy!

He took elements of Warhol and pop art, infused it with doses of situationism, social commentary, dissent and a heavy dose of black humour and created a style so new and revolutionary that it literally became the visual language of a new and exciting subculture, aka Punk.

First gaining notoriety in the late 1970’s as a designer behind the Sex Pistols, his work has influenced everything from fashion, contemporary art to modern magazine design. In a way his work has completely changed the way we see the world around us. That is a very rare thing to do.

All hail a true Culture Shifter.

Jamie continues to live and work in England.

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May 5, 2014

X marks the Spot…


I first heard X as a teen and almost immediately I knew they were a special band. There was just so much more depth and honesty in their sound compared to most other bands I was listening to. They perfectly defined their own time and place yet remain completely timeless. X stand right along side any of the other American music greats like Patti Smith, Dylan, The Doors, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, Iggy, The Ramones… as something utterly pure and authentic.

I recently re-watched the excellent documentary film – The Unheard Music documenting the early days of X. It’s really worth checking out.   (watch here)

Here’s another little treat. X is in top form on Letterman circa 1983… Letterman whom I normally love comes off fairly stiff while X just kill the classic “Breathless” …and Billy Zoom is one Kool Kat.  (watch here)


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May 24, 2012

Everyone Loves Raymond

As far as I remember art is pretty much the only thing I cared about since I was a little kid. Making art, looking at art, knowing about it, etc…I can’t think of a bigger influence in terms of humor, aesthetics and style then Ray Pettibon. His striking and often brutally funny images continue to inspire me to this day.

“There was basically all your standard or regular gig posters, and then there were the Ray Pettibon gig posters.”

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May 12, 2012

Trash & Vaudeville (NYC)

Trash & Vaudeville is New York City’s best and most notorious headshop and they also happen to be our customers. If you are craving a Johnny Thunders tee and a pair of skin tight bondage pants then head down to St. Marks and Jimmy at T&V will hook you up. The guys running this place are awesome and we are stoked to have them as customers and friends.

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February 12, 2011

REVOLT! by Some Product

At Some Product we have always looked at t-shirt graphics as a reflection of society and of the human psyche in general.

About a year ago we started working on a series of graphics and ideas called REVOLT. They are quite stark in nature and design, mostly black designs, printed on gray bodies. Each shirt is individually marked with a large, airbrushed, red X. It has an immediate, almost primal quality to it, reminding one of a door or a window marking, often seen during civll unrest. The wearer becomes the mark.

Whether it’s the IRA, Tiananmen Square or Zapatistas, uprisings and rebellions have always been an integral part of  human history and development.

REVOLT tees are available for wholesale now. Please contact us for information.

Special Limited Edition one-off REVOLT tees are available thru the Some Product online store.

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October 21, 2010

Get Rich or Die Cruisin’ dude!!

So stoked I found this photo!!!

I remember owning this Die Kreuzen record back in junior high and being particularly drawn to this image. As a kid on a steady diet of metal and punk music and graphics, this cover had everything I liked. The band never played the cultural hotbed of Edmonton, so I decided to make the tee in Grade 7 art class  (unfortunately, the actual tee did not survive..boohoo).

This was done with a paint brush, using regular fabric paints and I am quite sure, is the first tee I ever made. I remember making a few more one-off, DIY tees (Celtic Frost, Slayer and The Cramps) over the next few years, but …no photos have surfaced ….yet.

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February 6, 2010

Favorite T-shirt, Ever!

This is really one of my all time most cherished items.
T-shirt graphics are often a way to communicate with the outside world your likes or dislikes, irony, humor, affiliations etc.
I wore this particular tee non-stop for nearly a year. I actually ended up meeting a girlfriend named Kitty while wearing this shirt.
True Story!

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