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January 20, 2016

Bowie Bowie Bowie

Last week, we all found out David Bowie passed away. It’s been a week of non stop revisiting his absolutely incredible musical output. I must have listened to Station to Station at least a dozen times. Scary Monsters even more. I must have watched every Youtube interview over again and read so many very touching tributes. It really feels like there is almost nothing left to say… It’s all been said by so many people and so eloquently.

It is just really incredible to see how many people were touched by his artistic output and his life. I am not sure if there is another artist that will ever evoke such an outpouring of tributes and affection.

Here’s a picture from a few years ago of my friend Dandi with a one of a kind “Zombie Bowie” tee. Graphic was pulled from a fan art site.


ZZZOMbie Bowie


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April 17, 2013

“The Medium is the Message”

“The Medium is the Message” wrote a famous Canadian Marshall McLuhan. Some Product’s medium is the stuff we wear. The messages are sometimes meaningless but some tend to either reflect or mirror how we are feeling at a certain moment.

” I Don’t Give a ****” tees and tanks available now from Some Product.

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November 20, 2012

Dead Union Finds

Last weekend I met an Aussie guy named Kirby who is a vintage picker and loves weird and esoteric old tees. So do I… Here are a few gems from his stash.

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November 7, 2011

Occupy This!

About 6 years ago Some Product was asked to appear on MTV with models wearing some of our designs and give an interview. I asked my friends, Justin Gradin and “The Doctor” to come hang out, and maybe do a little  “modelling”. They showed up wearing these amazing Megaphone gas mask contarptions, that “The Doctor” had made and to everyone’s amusement, scared the shit out of all the MTV wussies. Both are wearing the Some Product AG line released in 2006.

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September 28, 2011

How we roll in Rimini

One of my new favorite people I’ve met lately is an Italian guy named Antonio, hanging out at The Waldorf. If you get a chance, find him there ( he’s always wearing cowboy boots and smoking out front), say “Ciao Antonio” but, Do Not buy him a drink! This is a great tee he was rocking last Saturday nite. Le Fuck it All !

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June 12, 2011

Body Language

All over prints on fabric for Sabrina Khan. I really dig the idea behind these! These were fun to do… and she has great taste in music.

There’s nothing like good body images to enhance one’s own “body image”.

Several finished garments are on display at the SPREAD art show going on now at The Chapel Arts in Vancouver.

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April 2, 2011

Online Shop Now Open

The online shop is a new venture for Some Product. We have established ourselves as a design and distribution company primarily dealing with wholesale customers in Canada and internationally. The online shop will focus on limited runs and one-off specialty items that are not available to our wholesale customers. We will post new items periodically, so visit often and hopefully you will see something you like.

All items ship via airmail from Vancouver, Canada.

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