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June 1, 2011

Jean-Michel Basquiat

I personally really hate the word “fierce” to describe any thing or action. However Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work can easily be described as fierce. It’s also incredibly stylish, full of raw power, energy and life.

Pictured below is a custom dyed Basquiat t-shirt from Some Product and a JMB painting entitled – “Fuego Flores”.

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May 30, 2011

I was there man !!!

Some awesome concert event tees. I have always loved these, they are just so damn hard to get your hands on.

The Rod Stewart gem, I got in Hollywood, in some kind of a now forgotten trade. The Oasis one was given to me by a top lad from Leeds named Dan and the Day On The Green, belongs to my friend Colleen. Check out the tiny little Iron Maiden opening for the mighty Foreigner and Loverboy !  Last I checked, Iron Maiden were still playing arenas and Foreigner were playing casinos. Who’s laughing now?

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October 21, 2010

Get Rich or Die Cruisin’ dude!!

So stoked I found this photo!!!

I remember owning this Die Kreuzen record back in junior high and being particularly drawn to this image. As a kid on a steady diet of metal and punk music and graphics, this cover had everything I liked. The band never played the cultural hotbed of Edmonton, so I decided to make the tee in Grade 7 art class  (unfortunately, the actual tee did not survive..boohoo).

This was done with a paint brush, using regular fabric paints and I am quite sure, is the first tee I ever made. I remember making a few more one-off, DIY tees (Celtic Frost, Slayer and The Cramps) over the next few years, but …no photos have surfaced ….yet.

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