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February 27, 2014

Totem Leggings Origins

The incredible art and history of the totem pole is something unique to the Pacific Northwest of America and British Columbia. To create our “Totems” leggings we made a special photo trip to Vancouver Island to get just the right images.Photo 2014-02-24 7 49 25 PMtotem legging copy


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December 17, 2013

Miley in Some Product

The Undisputed “IT GIRL” of 2013 – Miley Cyrus in our Karl Leggingfeld leggings goofin’ around with her sis Noah Cyrus backstage at the Jingle Ball in Washington, DC.

I guess That’s Pretttty Cooool


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December 11, 2013

From concept to some product

The successful execution of any idea, often depends on the process. In this particular case we decided the design needed to be created as organically as possible. Using minimal post production the image was carefully constructed by hand and then photographed.

Huge props to Dandi Wind Opaine for all her invaluable help on this project.  xo

popcorn photopopcornDandi Popcorn

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